Your roof may have sustained damage if you’ve recently experienced heavy rains or strong winds. Unfortunately, finding roof damage is just the beginning of a long process of insurance claims and repair costs. Below we’ll break down the process of what to do as soon as you think you might have roof damage. If you suspect your roof has severe damage from a recent storm, call the Monroe roof repair experts at Golden Roofing today at 318-355-6300 to schedule your roofing inspection in Monroe

What Should You Do If Your Roof Has Storm Damage?

monroe roof storm damage

If you think you have storm damage and more storms are headed your way, you’ll want to call a roofing contractor to tarp your roof. This will prevent your roof from sustaining any more damage. It’s also important to have a roofer tarp your roof for insurance purposes. If your insurance company doesn’t think you took the proper precautions to protect your roof from more damage, it could hurt your claim. 

If you think your roof has storm damage, don’t climb on the roof to inspect it yourself. There can be weakened areas on your roof that could be dangerous and create more damage. You want to inspect the roof as best you can from the ground until a roofing contractor can come to assess the damage. 

You’ll also want to notify your insurance company as soon as you suspect damage so that you can begin the process of filing your insurance claim. The sooner they know about your damage, the better. 

Call a Roofing Contractor From Golden Roofing

If you recently sustained roof damage, don’t trust anyone to work on your roof. At Golden Roofing, we’ve had years of experience fixing residential and commercial roofs after severe weather damage. Schedule your inspection with Golden Roofing today by calling 318-355-6300.

Call Your Insurance Company to Assess Your Roof Damage

As soon as you suspect that you have any roof damage from a storm, it’s important to contact your insurance company so you can file an insurance claim. The insurance agency will usually send out an adjuster to inspect the storm damage and determine whether your roof has received any damage. Once your insurance claim has been approved, you’ll want to contact Golden Roofing to schedule your roof repairs.

Insurance Process for Storm-Damaged Roofs in Monroe, LA

Insurance Process for Storm-Damaged Roofs

The insurance claims process is a long and tedious one. That’s why working with a roofing company with experience managing insurance claims is important. Below we’ll explain some things you need to know before jumping into your storm damage claim process.

Make Sure You Have a Roofing Contractor That’s On Your Side

Not all roofing companies are creating equally. After a severe storm rolls through, you could be inundated with people claiming to be roofing professionals. This is why it’s important to call a reputable company like Golden Roofing, that’s experienced in storm or hail damage roof repair to handle any damage to your roof. We’ve been servicing the Shreveport-Monroe areas since 2015 and always provide quality work.

At Golden Roofing, we offer homeowner’s insurance help for roofing claims.

Don’t Sign Any Paperwork Until Your Storm Damage Claim is Approved

Oftentimes roofing contractors will try to force you into signing paperwork before they complete their inspection. If you sign paperwork prior to the inspection, you can get corned into a contract before your insurance claim is even approved. Whenever a contractor forces you into signing paperwork like this, it shows they don’t have your best interest in mind.

When using a contractor like Golden Roofing, you’ll be walked through the entire insurance process and receive an assessment of your roof and, if there is, in fact, any damage without having to sign a contract beforehand.

Insurance Adjusters Have to Approve Your Storm Damage Claim

Your insurance adjuster is the only person that can approve your insurance claim. Your roofing contractor can inspect your roof for damage following severe storms and advocate for you if they believe you have it. They can even provide you and your insurance adjuster with pictures and explanations of your damage. However, the insurance adjuster has the final say, no matter how convinced your roofer is about your roof damage.

Your Insurance Provider Can Make Mistakes

Insurance adjusters can make mistakes that can lead to your claim being denied. Don’t worry; you can request a second insurance adjuster to inspect your roof. If they approve your claim, you can proceed with the roof repairs. However, you can hire an engineer to inspect your roof if they deny your claim. An engineer will offer the insurance company proof of damage, which should move along your claim.

You Can Choose Your Own Roofing Contractor for Storm Damage, Hail Damage, or Wind Damage Repair

Once your insurance claim is approved, you can choose your roofing company. Shopping around for the roofer that offers you the best quote is unnecessary because your insurance company has already set the price for your replacement. It is important, however, to research companies and read their reviews to see what their past customers have said about them. At Golden Roofing, our reviews speak for themselves. With over 30 years in the roofing industry, we’ve repaired and replaced countless roofs with quality results. To schedule your roofing inspection, call us today at 318-355-6300.

Storm Damage Checklist

monroe storm damage checklist

It’s important to understand that only a certified insurance adjuster can technically diagnose your roof damage. As soon as you suspect any storm damage to your roof, call your homeowner’s insurance company AND a credible roofing company in your area.

This storm damage checklist may help you out!

  • Do you have any typical signs of storm damage?
    • missing shingles
    • missing flashing
    • damaged shingles
    • a tree or large branch on your roof or home’s exterior
  • Do you have visible signs of hail damage? (Check the following)
    • downspouts (above 5′)
    • dings or strikes on the garage door
    • damage to fascia metal or aluminum trim
    • holes or dings on screens or patio screens
    • damage to painted wood or shutters
    • spatter marks on electric meter bases, AC units, or outdoor grills
    • dings in soft metals (vents, vent caps, or gutter screens)
    • dings on your car

Call the Roofing Professionals at Golden Roofing for Hail or Storm Damage to Your Roof

monroe storm damages checklist

Now that you know the insurance claims process and how to handle roof storm damage, you can schedule your roof repairs. For over 30 years, Golden Roofing has been helping homeowners and business owners with their roofing needs. Our team is here whether you need a complete roof replacement or repair. To schedule an appointment for a roof inspection, call us today at 318-355-6300.