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24/7 Emergency Roofing Services in Monroe, Louisiana

Louisiana’s residents know weather events can cause major roof damage. After all, our area experiences it all – tornadoes, snow and ice storms, hurricanes, and scorching summers. Locals also know that roofing emergencies happen at the worst time – often outside of normal business hours. When an emergency occurs, you need a roofing contractor you can rely on at any time of the day or night. Luckily, Golden Roofing provides 24/7 Monroe emergency roofing services for our customers. Immediate repairs prevent further damage to your roofing system or the contents of your home or business.

Emergency Roof Repair

The need for emergency roof repair can happen at any time for various reasons.

Whether you need us for commercial or residential roofing repairs in Monroe, from loose or missing shingles to a leaking roof caused by a severe weather event, we’re here to help anytime, day or night.

You can count on our storm damage roofing experts to remedy the roofing problem with emergency repair services. 

What to Do if You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Monroe

Roof repairs should be a priority, especially compared to other fixes needed around the home. Some repairs are more urgent than others, requiring immediate attention when damages occur.

If you do need roofing repair services fast, call our experienced roofing company for help. We will advise you what to do from there!

If your roof springs a leak and you have to wait to begin repair work because of foul weather, place a tarp over the damaged areas to keep water out.

What Is a Roofing Emergency?

Many types of roofing emergencies exist, however, some are more common than others. A slow roof leak may not hold the same sense of urgency that a gaping hole may inspire. However, a minor leak has the potential to cause significant damage over time. Your home is your biggest investment, any Monroe roofing contractor will tell you that remedying small issues before they grow into bigger problems is best. The three most common commercial or residential roofing emergencies include:


 We never want to imagine a fire happening at our home or business. However, when fire ravages a section of roof, serious issues arise. A blaze can interfere with a roof’s structural integrity. Roof’s bear weight. So it can cave in if the structure is damaged or weakened. If your roof is in dangerous condition, you need a Monroe roofing contractor to provide emergency roof repair right away.


Storms also wreak havoc on roofing systems. Severe weather can tear shingles from roofs and toss them across your lawn. Missing shingles creates the opportunity for a significant leak. A water incursion is always a problem that needs to be rectified immediately. 

Our Monroe storm damage roof repair experts can handle any issues caused by serious storms.

Wind Whipped Debris

When strong winds blow, trees near your home or business are a potential source of damage. Branches or other debris may be thrown into your roof causing acute damage that allows the weather and animals access inside. 

Our Monroe hail damage roof repair experts can help with any damages caused by wind or hail storms. 

Certified Roofing Contractors in Monroe, LA

Our Monroe roofing contractors understand that you can need emergency roof repair at any time, for any reason. Whether you need our professional roofers for commercial repair or residential repair services in Monroe, we’re here to help. You can count on Golden Roofing to get the job done in a fast and efficient manner.

What to Do When Your Roof Needs Emergency Repairs?

When roof problems arise, it’s the business or homeowner’s job to prevent further damage as best they can. As stated above, cover the damaged areas with a waterproof tarp. If you can’t stop water from pouring into your space, place buckets under the leaks to collect the water. 

You’ll want to contact Golden Roofing for Monroe emergency roofing services. Our expert roofers help you cope with your roof and any collateral damage. Our emergency roofing contractors are available to lend a hand 24/7, 365 days a year. 

When our roofing contractor arrives on site, they’ll check your roof for all possible problems – not just the current issue. They’ll devise a solution and fix the issue until a more permanent repair may be made. 

Once you have the roof secured, you need to contact your insurance carrier. If it’s not safe to remain in your home, your provider will be a great source of assistance. They’ll provide for the unexpected expenses that come with being displaced by catastrophic roof damage. Repairs for your damages can stretch into the thousands of dollars that your insurance company will cover under your homeowner’s policy.  


Emergency Roof Replacement in Monroe

We’ve all seen homes damaged by trees downed in area storms. Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon event living in an area densely lush with trees and other vegetation. When a tree strikes a home or other structure, it causes significant damage and repair costs. Additionally, torn shingles, damaged gutters and soffits, and other roofing system components add up as well.

A roof replacement isn’t always necessary when a roof has leaks. Often, smaller repairs and preventative maintenance prevents additional issues. Golden Roofing’s dependable roofing contractors take on any project, from replacing a small patch of missing shingles to a full roof replacement. We stand ready to help our friends and neighbors weather the storm. 

Signs you may need an emergency roof replacement include:

A strong gust of wind can be very damaging for an aging roof. The roof is vulnerable to leaks when shingles are torn or the underside exposed to the elements. Inspecting for roofing damage after heavy storms is critical. If the damage is limited to a small section, you may be able to replace the shingles. Damage to one side of the roof may require a partial replacement, while widespread damage necessitates a new roof installation. 

 While it may not seem like gutters can cause roofing issues, faulty or unmaintained gutters can damage roofing. Roof damage and leaks may occur when gutters have debris clogs or freeze with ice and snow. 

 Although they are small animals, squirrels can cause significant roof damage. Along with other animals such as raccoons and woodpeckers, local wildlife can nest or chew holes in roofing or siding. Checking the roof for holes or damage is advisable if you notice animal activity near your roof.

When snow and ice accumulate on your roof, the freeze and thaw process may damage your home’s roof. Your roof may experience a leak if thawed ice seeps under loose shingles, re-freezes, and expands. Be sure to check inside the home and attic for evidence of ice dams when you have snow and ice on your roof.

The tree branches above or near your home also pose a threat during a storm. Old or damaged limbs may fall on your home and tear away roofing shingles. A large branch or tree may also punch a hole in the roofing materials that provide leak protection.  

Emergency Roofing Repairs FAQ

Deciding what steps to take when your roof experiences damage can be nerve wracking. No property owner wants further damage to the exterior or interior of their home. In addition, many homeowner’s policies won’t pay out unless owners take immediate steps to prevent further issues until repairs or replacement are possible. 

Yes, roof repairs may be completed while it is raining. Flat roofs are the exception, because water damage risks are higher. 

However, roofing in the rain requires additional safety precautions and quality roofers are familiar with emergency roof repairs. 

If only a small portion of your roof needs repairs, a roofer can fix only that section. However, if the damage affects 50% or more of the roof, it is best to re-roof the entire structure. 

An effective roofer has experience not only with roofing; they also know the insurance claims process. Sometimes, an insurance company is only willing to pay for a partial roof replacement on your storm damage claim. If this happens, your roofer fights for a claim supplement for a full roof replacement. 

Yes, you may temporarily fix a roof. However, it is generally not recommended for a business or homeowner to get on their roof, much less make repairs.

There are a couple of reasons why it is not advisable to DIY repairs.

  1. First, you may fall off the roof and become severely injured.
  2. Second, you could cause more roof damage if you do not know what you are doing (even walking on a roof can cause shingle damage).\
  3. Finally, your insurer may refuse to cover your repairs or replacement unless a professional contractor completes the job.

A professional roofer is the best option for your roof repairs. Your contractor may apply temporary fixes to prevent further damage. However, give careful consideration to your contractor choices before selecting a roofer. Make sure the company you pick is licensed, insured, and has the qualifications and experience to do the job right the first time. 

Water leaking through the ceiling is a problem that should be quickly addressed. Unrepaired leaks and water damage are more than just an eyesore. In addition to stains, ceiling water damage may lead to mold growth and structural damage. 

If you find that your roof is leaking water from the ceiling:

  • Address Water Leaks: To stop water leaks until a professional may fix the issue, consider placing a tarp over the problem area. Golden Roofing provides professional tarp-over services for property owners experiencing water leaks. Your insurance may cover the costs of preventative services. Call your insurance provider to find out what services your policy covers. 
  • Use Waterproof Containers: Place waterproof containers underneath leaks to collect dripping water and stop moisture from damaging your furniture or other belongings. An old towel or t-shirt inside the bottom of the container keeps falling water from splashing out.
  • Remove Furniture and Belongings: Move items away from the water leak. Drape a waterproof cover over the item if you cannot move it. If you don’t have tarps or plastic sheeting on hand, vinyl tablecloths, a deflated kiddie pool, waterproof tent, or vinyl shower curtain will do. 
  • Soak Up Water: Use a mop, old towels, or a wet/dry vacuum to remove water from the floor. Mold or mildew may develop, or the flooring may warp if the water is not removed quickly. 
  • Drain Water: Leaking water needs help draining downward to keep it from spreading across your ceiling. Place a container underneath the dark sport or paint bubble, and then poke a hole in the center to create a drainage hole. Don’t worry about putting a hole in the ceiling, that section already needs repairs. 
  • Call Golden Roofing: Finally, call a trusted Monroe roofing company to address the leak and devise permanent solutions. The professionals at Golden Roofing are experienced with various types of roofs including asphalt shingle roof, slate roof, tile roof, metal roof, or a flat roof.

Choose a Reliable Monroe Emergency Roofing Company

With the amount of rain we receive here in northern Louisiana, an aging roof may eventually spring a leak. A licensed Louisiana roofing contractor can stop and correct leaks before they cause further damage. Golden Roofing wants you to know you can rely on us for all your Monroe commercial roofing and residential roofing needs. We provide quality materials, repairs, and replacements, so our customers may rest assured knowing the job is done right. 

We also provide a free roof inspection in Monroe, LA.

Before we begin work on your project, our roofing pros assess the damage, determine a plan of action, and provide a free estimate for your replacement or repairs. Golden Roofing proudly serves the Monroe community, as well as our neighbors in Shreveport, Bossier City, Minden, and Ruston. Please call us right away at (318) 355-6300 when you need Monroe emergency roofing services. 

24/7 Emergency roof repair services to stop leaks fast.

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