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Minden Emergency Roofing Services

Emergency Roof Repair in Minden, LA

Minden Emergency Roofing Services
At Golden Roofing, LLC, we can help seal your home or office buildings to stop further damage until we can provide permanent repairs for your roof. Adverse weather events, like hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storms, and even ice storms can cause immediate damage to your roof. Additionally, severe roof leaks and flooding can permanently damage your home or building’s structure, as well as the interior contents of your home or building. So, when it comes to emergency roof repair, speed does matter. If you’re in a situation where your roof materials have been torn off or if you have significant roof damage, you’ll need a professional roofing company that can stabilize the structure and provide emergency repairs, if needed. At Golden Roofing, LLC, all of our experienced roofers are licensed and insured. We’re experts at emergency roof repair. Our team will inspect your roof after storm damage and determine exactly what’s required to fix your damaged roof. Find out why most homeowners and business owners in Minden, LA trust Golden Roofing for emergency roof repair services. Call us today at 318-355-6300 for your free estimate.

Certified Roofing Contractors in Minden, LA

Golden Roofing, LLC is a family owned roofing company, and our professional roofers understand that you may need emergency repair work at any time and for a number or reasons. Our emergency roof repair includes services to shore up any damage that compromises your building’s structural integrity and seal up any roof leaks to prevent further damage to your home or office space. Whether you need our Minden roofing contractors for commercial or residential roofing services, our roofing pros are here to help. From shingle to entire roof replacements, our service professionals provide quality workmanship and always leave your property as clean as we found it. Our Minden roofing business is proud to serve customers in Minden, LA and the surrounding areas, including North Louisiana, West Mississippi, and East Texas. Call our roofing pros at 318-355-6300 to schedule your free inspection today!

Minden Roofing Services

If you need a licensed and insured roofing professional that can complete an excellent job at a fair price, then the roofing contractors at Golden Roofing in Minden, LA are the best choice! Our Minden roof repair team is always ready to help our clients-from minor repairs to an entirely new roofing system.

As a licensed roofing company with insurance coverage, we’re able to guarantee total customer satisfaction on all of our roofing materials as well as all roofing projects we complete.

Some additional roofing services we provide at Golden Roofing LLC for residential and commercial properties in Minden, Louisiana include:


Minden Emergency Roof Replacement

As much as we’d like to use our roofs to the end of their natural life, in Louisiana, this is extremely difficult. In the south, we have so many naturally occurring events that can wreak serious havoc on your roof.

For example, if a dying tree falls on your home or business during one of our many storms, this can cause serious roof damage that poses a risk for your entire home or business.

Additionally, damaged gutters, broken soffits, torn or broken shingles, and other faulty roofing system components can all lead to your roof’s demise.

What are the signs that you may need a fast or emergency roof replacement?

Many homeowners don’t see animal activity and immediately think, “I need emergency roof repair or replacement.” But, some of nature’s cutest creatures can cause serious roof damage that if left unaddressed, can lead to the need for emergency repair or replacement.

Animals, such as squirrels, woodpeckers, raccoons, rats, and other various wildlife can chew holes or build nests inside of your home’s roofing system or siding.

Once you’ve removed the creatures from your roof you’ll need to check your roof for further damage.

Gutters are critical for ensuring that water is directed away from your home and doesn’t cause structural damage. But, if gutters aren’t regularly cleaned or maintained, they can easily clog from surrounding debris. Gutter clogs can start as minor repairs or maintenance issues that grow into extensive water damage, if left unattended.

If your gutters aren’t regularly cleaned, they can start leaking or sagging and will eventually pull away from your home. In addition, unmaintained  gutters can cause

  • additional damage to the gutter itself
  • damage to your home’s exterior
  • leaking roof
  • wood damage
  • leaking basements
  • foundation issues
  • insect infestations
  • landscaping issues
  • cracks in your driveway or sidewalks

Ice dams can loosen shingles, tear off gutters, and cause water to back up on your roof and leak into your home or building. When this happens, the result isn’t pretty. It can lead to warped floors, peeling paint and wallpaper, and stained or sagging ceilings.

They also can make your attic insulation soggy. This means that your attic will become a mold and mildew magnet.

The most common reason for needing roof repair or roof replacement in North Louisiana is roof impacts. Most roofs cannot handle a tree or other major structure falling on them. If a tree or large tree branch falls on your roof, this will likely lead to damaged shingles and a damaged underlying structure.

When anything major falls on your roof, it can punch a hole in your roofing materials. Many of these materials are in place to help protect your home from water intrusion. In this case, the roofing project will need to be addressed quickly, as water leaks can cause serious damage to your home or building fast!

If your roof is older or near the end of its natural life, then a severe windstorm or hail damage can quickly damage your roof’s shingles. A small roof problem can quickly turn into major damage when your shingles are torn or when your roof’s underside is exposed to severe elements.

If you only have shingle damage in one specific area, we may be able to simply replace those shingles. However, if the shingle damage spans across over half of your roof and if your roof is older, then you will probably need to consider investing in a new roof.

It’s important to note that a roof leak doesn’t always mean that you need an entirely new roof. In many cases, our Minden roofing contractors can repair your damaged roof. Our roof repair experts can provide a temporary fix during adverse weather events and then provide permanent roof repairs as soon as possible.

We always recommend investing in regular roof maintenance, as this can help to prevent the need for many emergency repairs.

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Emergency Roof Repairs FAQ

There are a number of roof problems that require immediate action. The most common reasons for needing an emergency roofing contractor include hail damage, fire damage, storm damage, and wind damage.

If your home or business has water leaks or if your roof was damaged during a fire, then repairing your roof needs to be a top priority. For emergency roof repair services in Minden, LA, call Golding Roofing, LLC at 318-510-9070.

It is not recommended for any homeowner or business owner to attempt to fix their roof, especially when there are high winds. If a homeowner attempts to fix their own roof, this could void their roof’s warranty or homeowner’s insurance policy, in some cases.

At Golden Roofing, we can provide a temporary solution, such as a tarp, during a storm.

A professional roofer from Golden Roofing, LLC can fix a leak in the rain, as long as you don’t have a flat roof. Flat roofs pose an increased safety risk as well as additional risks for roof damage during the rain.

While some roofing contractors may agree to provide a permanent roofing solution while its raining, This isn’t typically what we recommend, as it poses additional safety risks for our roofers. We can send out a professional roofing contractor to put a tarp over your roof to provide a temporary solution for leaks, and from here, we’ll make a judgment call on whether or not it is safe for our roofers to come out!

Trust the Best Minden Roofing Contractor for all Your Emergency Roof Repairs!

In Minden, we have our fair share of severe weather. And, after experiencing a fire or severe storm, it’s nice to know there are Minden roofing contractors who can act fast.

Our company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and our roofers always strive to provide the best possible customer service. Additionally, our roofers can work with your insurance company to determine the right budget for roofing products and services. We will then walk you through the insurance claim process to make sure we’ve covered everything.

Our roofers proudly serve customers in Minden, Louisiana, as well as our neighbors in Ruston, Bossier City, Shreveport, Monroe, West Monroe, East Texas, and West Mississippi.

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