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Minden Roofing Insurance Claims Assistance

Insurance Claim Assistance Roofing Contractors in Minden, LA

Minden Roofing Insurance Claims Assistance
Navigating through the insurance claims process after your roof sustains storm damage can be extremely frustrating. At Golden Roofing, our professional roofing contractors make the process easier for all businesses or homeowners. In North Louisiana, our roofs protect our homes and businesses from hail damage, heavy winds, rain, tornadoes, fallen limbs and debris, and sometimes, hurricanes. If weather is to blame for your roof damage, then you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance company. Unfortunately there are roofers out there that offer to fix your roof for “whatever your insurance company pays.” If a roofing contractor tells you this, be very careful. This often means that the roofing company is manipulating the costs of construction and committing fraud. At Golden Roofing LLC., our top roofing contractors have maintained a reputation for our professional roofing services, as well as our commitment to providing these services with honesty and integrity. When you partner with our family owned roofing company, not only will our roofing specialists ensure top quality work for all your roofing needs, we’ll also help you with the roofing insurance claims process. So, if you’re looking for a dependable Minden roofing contractor to help you with your insurance claim, look no further! Whether you need roof repairs or a total roof replacement after a storm, the professional Minden roofing contractors at Golden Roofing are here to help.

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At Golden Roofing, LLC, we’ve been serving the North Louisiana area for over 30 years. We are Minden’s go-to resource for every roofing project imaginable, including shingles and gutters! As a locally owned roofing business, we’re proud to serve our customers in Minden and the surrounding communities in North Louisiana, East Texas and West Mississippi.

Call a Minden roofing contractor at Golden Roofing for help with all your roofing needs.

Minden Roofing Services

At Golden Roofing, we provide quality work at a reasonable price. Regardless of whether you need emergency roof repair or if you’re simply trying to increase your curb appeal, our roofing contractors guarantee customer satisfaction for all of our roofing projects.

Here are some of the additional roofing services we provide for homes and commercial properties:


Signs of Storm Damage

For most homeowners or business owners, the insurance company will provide coverage for all costs associated with the actual storm damage. However, the roof repair work must begin right away, before the roof sustains any further damage.


The most common signs of roof damage include:

  • missing shingles
  • visible granule loss
  • warped, cracked or chipped shingles
  • sagging soffits or fascia
  • holes in the roof
  • damaged roof flashing
  • roof leaks
  • water spots on the ceiling

Minor roof damage can include cracks, leaks or water damage. Storms and heavy winds can blow the shingles and other coverings off of your roof. After a hail storm, your roof damage may simply consist of dents and cracks, which seems fairly innocent for most homeowners, but this can cause significant damage in the future if it isn’t quickly addressed.

Typically, considerable roof damage will be obvious.

Either way, any amount of damage, regardless of how big or small, should be excessively documented. We recommend calling a Minden roofing contractor from Golden Roofing the minute you notice signs of storm damage. We will provide a free roof inspection and a free roofing estimate to start the insurance claim process.

Louisiana Homeowners Insurance Laws

At Golden Roofing, we have extensive experience working with insurance companies. In many of our insurance claims, we have been able to negotiate an increase in the insurance payouts for new roofs. For some, we’ve even doubled the amount of the original offers.

Most Louisiana homeowner’s insurance policies state that the insurance company must pay for all legitimate damage, as well as any other reasonable charges associated with storm damage. However, most homeowners simply don’t know to identify the amount of damage that their roof sustained. When an outside adjuster comes in to inspect the roof, the homeowner is left to accept whatever the insurance adjuster agrees to.

That’s where the roof repair professionals at Golding Roofing come in.

When you call Golden Roofing, LLC., we act as your advocate. A professional roofing inspector will come to your home or business and identify any and all storm damage that needs to be addressed-not just the outside shingles.

Furthermore, most insurance companies require that you cover your roof in order to prevent further damage. So, when you call a roofing contractor at Golden roofing, we’ll send out a professional immediately to tarp off the area. This helps to protect the interior area of your home or business while making sure that your homeowner’s insurance policy is still in place.

Let the Minden insurance claims assistance professionals help you file your homeowner’s insurance claim quickly and properly. The earlier you are able to file a claim for repair or replacement, the sooner your claim should be processed-especially when there are other Minden residents submitting similar claims after a storm.

Roof Replacement Coverage vs Roof Repair Coverage

It’s important that Minden residents really understand their insurance policies. Knowing what your policy covers is critical to receive fair compensation for your roof’s damages.

Most home and business owners don’t think about their insurance policy details until an adverse event occurs. But, those who are proactive find disastrous events much less stressful.

You can request a copy of your insurance policy from your insurance company, if you don’t already have one. Your insurance provider can either mail you a copy or email you an electronic copy.

There are two major types of roofing coverage in Louisiana: roof replacement coverage and roof repair coverage.

In many roof repair insurance policies, the recoverable depreciation of the roof is a consideration in the payout amount.

This means that if your roof sustained damage after a storm or incurring heavy winds, you will only receive a percentage of the roof replacement cost, based on the roof’s age and materials.

So, essentially, if your roof already has significant wear and tear or is at the end of its natural service life, you may receive as little as 15% of the total from your insurance provider.

Roofing replacement insurance policies tend to cost more. They are also much more common than roof repair policies in Louisiana.

This form of homeowner’s insurance policy provides the insurance coverage to replace the roof, if necessary, in any covered event, such as tornadoes, windstorms or hailstorms.

How to Negotiate a Roof Replacement with Your Insurance Company

After your insurance company receives your homeowner’s insurance claim, they should send out their own insurance adjuster to inspect your roof for damage. When you partner with Golden Roofing, LLC., we’ll send out our own roof inspector to meet the adjuster. This helps us review the damage and advocate for additional repairs or replacement, if necessary.

Some insurance adjusters seek every reason to deny insurance claims, and if you don’t have extensive experience in this industry, you may not understand a lot of what they have to say.

At Golden Roofing, we act as your trusted roofing advisor. To ensure you have the best possible chance of having your roof repair work or replacement covered, we recommend having us with you prior to filing your insurance claim.

Roofing Supplement Insurance Claims

Whether you need a new roof or a few shingles replaced, you should always seek a licensed roofing company that handles supplemental roofing claims because sometimes, additional, unforeseen charges must be added to insurance claims.

A few reasons why this happens include but aren’t limited to:

  • the damage was overlooked during the initial inspection
  • the repair estimate for roofing materials was too low
  • our roofing professionals discover additional damage during the roofing job

If this happens, you’ll need to sign off on a work change order for an insurance claim supplement. From here, one of our roofing pros will meet with your insurance adjuster to show them why the supplemental claim is necessary.

roof insurance claims assistance

Minden Homeowner's Insurance Claims Assistance FAQs

We urge all home and business owners to call Golden Roofing for a free roof inspection if they have a feeling their roof is damaged after a storm. But, if you’d like to check for damages yourself, you should look for leaks, cracks, and any interior water damage. You should also look for missing shingles, dented or cracked shingles, as well as any chimney damage.

If you call your insurance company first, you will have a claim on record, even if your insurance provider denies your roofing claim. So, it’s always best to call the professional roofers at Golden Roofing first.

When you call Golden Roofing contractors in Minden, LA, we’ll send out a qualified roofer to provide a free inspection and assessment of all damaged roof components. They document their findings and photograph the damage for all of our clients who need insurance help.

For many people, the initial instinct is to call the insurance company first, after they’ve realized their roof is damaged. But, this isn’t usually in your best interest. Most of the time, it’s best to contact a BBB accredited business for roofing first.

At Golden Roofing we understand the roofing estimate process, and we stay in direct contact with your insurance provider.

The biggest advantage of calling a reputable roofer is that we’ll negotiate with your insurer and handle the paperwork. Another advantage is that our roofing experts often identify more damage than the adjusters. We know what to look for and how to fix it. They don’t.

Yes, when you partner with Golden Roofing, LLC., you must always pay your insurance deductible. We’re an award-winning business that conducts our business legally.

While other roofing companies may include the deductible in their estimates to lower costs for clients, Golden Roofing does not. This is still insurance fraud.

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We understand the stress that comes when your roof’s integrity has been compromised. So, if your roof has been hit by a disaster, the Minden roofing contractors at Golden Roofing offer 24/7 emergency roofing services.

Thanks to our core values, we’ve maintained an A+ BBB rating throughout our time serving the Minden community, and we happily guarantee excellent customer service for all of our roofing projects. Contact our Minden roofing pros for a free quote today.

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