Shreveport Residential Roofing Services

As North Louisiana residents, we are no strangers to storm damage. This includes damage from hail, wind, tornados, and the occasional snowstorm. Unfortunately, the resulting damage can be detrimental to the roof over our heads. To avoid further roof damage, it’s important to address any roofing issues right away. If you’ve experienced storm damage or general wear and tear to your roof, our team of Shreveport roofing experts at Golden Roofing, LLC can guide you through the entire repair or replacement process. 

Golden Roofing, LLC is a locally owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience serving Shreveport, Louisiana and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a roof replacement, repairs to an existing structure, or general maintenance, we can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Whatever your roofing needs, our experienced Shreveport roofing contractors are ready and willing to help. Call us today at 318-355-6300 to schedule your free estimate!  

Quality Roofing Services in Shreveport, Louisiana

The experienced team at Golden Roofing can handle all your roofing needs, whatever they may be. We use the latest technology to perform the quickest, most efficient roofing services possible while helping you explore the best options for your individual needs and budget. Our roofing contractors are dedicated to providing quality work in every project we take on and have experience with many different materials and styles. In addition to Shreveport roof repairs, replacement, and routine maintenance, we are also proud to offer our Shreveport customers emergency roofing services for those problems that simply can’t wait. 

We service Shreveport and the surrounding areas, including Monroe, Ruston, Minden, and Bossier City. Contact us to schedule your free estimate today!

shreveport residential roofing services

Shreveport Residential Roof Repair

A roof in need of repair can decrease a home’s value significantly. For example, recent storm damage, an aging roof, and/or general wear and tear can seriously take down a home’s curb appeal. Not only this, but in many cases, if the roof isn’t repaired in a timely manner, it can cause the damage to get worse over time and lead to even more costly repairs.

There are many things that can cause damage to your roof and require the need for roof repair in North Louisiana. Though some issues may only be cosmetic, others can prove seriously dangerous to you and your family. As a family business, Golden Roofing understands the value of keeping your family safe and protecting one of your most valuable assets: your home. That’s why we strive to provide you with the best possible roof repairs for the most reasonable price. Make the smart choice and give us a call as soon as you notice an issue.

Shreveport Roof Leak Repair

Most homeowners know that a leak in their roof can be a bigger problem just waiting to happen. Even seemingly minor leaks can cause structural damage and more costly repairs down the road. In fact, most leaks tend to go unnoticed until they cause other, more extreme issues.

For example, leaks can cause water and humidity to provide the ideal environment for mold growth. Mold can pose a serious danger to the structural integrity to your home as well as have a negative effect on indoor air quality, causing you and your family to become more susceptible to illnesses, allergies, and colds.

If you believe your roof has a leak, don’t hesitate to call and schedule a free estimate with our qualified team of contractors. Our roofing professionals don’t stop at repairing the leak – we will also perform a thorough and accurate evaluation that will reveal any more damage and address potential issues to save you money in the long-run.

Shreveport Shingle Repair

Damaged shingles can lead to leaks, and leaks can lead to a host of other potential issues, as you’ve just learned. Did you find some shingles in your yard after a storm? You’re not alone! Unlike a leak that can go unnoticed, damaged shingles are relatively easy to spot from the ground. Shingles can blow away and end up in your front or back yard. Asphalt shingle roofs can get damaged during high winds, storms, or structural issues. If the structure of the roof is faulty, it allows the shingles to shift and move around. Poor installation can also cause shingles to come loose and become damaged. Our experienced contractors have the know-how to repair and replace any damaged shingles so you can feel safe in your home.

Shreveport Chimney Repair

Chimneys evoke memories of holiday joy and cozy nights by the fireplace. But what happens when your chimney has a leak? What if the flashing around the chimney has degraded? We know such a roofing problem can cause serious safety concerns for you and your family.

You’ll have a positive experience when you hire the Shreveport contractors from the family-owned and operated roofing company Golden Roofing, LLC. We can repair your chimney leak or replace the flashing with ease, and even if you aren’t sure what the issue is, we can evaluate and solve the problem right away.

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Residential Roof Replacement Services in Shreveport

Sometimes the damage on a roof is too serious for a roof repair. Maybe your roof has reached the end of its lifespan (depending on the type of roofing materials used, your roof could have a lifespan of anywhere between 20-70 years), or maybe you bought a new home and the previous homeowner neglected the roof. This is when a skilled roofer from Golden Roofing will perform a detailed professional inspection. 

After this inspection, our roofers may recommend replacing the roof instead of repairing it. Don’t worry, though; it’s common for every homeowner to replace their roof at least once. Our Shreveport roofing contractors take our roofing projects and construction very seriously. Each new project gets undivided attention and service from our professional Shreveport roofers as we use the latest technology to help you effectively complete your home project.

New Roof Installation in Shreveport

Buying a new roof isn’t fun. Though it’s expensive and generally takes a lot of time and consideration, it is necessary. But rest assured, we can get the job done. We will have you covered for any roof replacement you may need. The Shreveport roofing contractors at Golden Roofing have 30 years of experience providing exceptional commercial roofing services for the Shreveport area, as well as Shreveport residential roofing services.

Shreveport Gutter Installation

Gutters play an important role in your roofing system. They collect rainwater and prevent it from collecting on the roof. Without gutters, rainwater would collect around the foundation of your home, potentially causing serious foundation issues. A gutter guides the water away from the roof and siding and deposits it on the ground. Gutters require regular maintenance so the rainwater can drain in the proper way.

Our licensed and insured roofers have plenty of experience in the installation of gutters. Whether you need new gutters or you need to replace the existing structures, we have you covered. We also install gutter guards. Gutter guards are a type of gutter system that protects it from getting clogged, which can cause water to backup onto your roof and cause damage. Contact us today for all your gutter needs!

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Choosing the Right Roof for Your Home

A roof can make or break your curb appeal. If you’re selling a home, a neglected roof can be a deal-breaker for most prospective buyers. Fortunately, there are many options available for your roofing project. Ultimately it comes down to style, performance (such as how well the roof reflects or absorbs heat and how long the roof will last in the elements), and budget. 

There are still a lot of roof options available, even if you’re on a tight budget. There are several things that can affect the cost of roof installation. The roofing contractor and size of your roof can be the biggest factors. Fortunately, Golden Roofing has plenty of convenient financing options available. 

No matter what style of roof you pick, you can be confident in us. A certified contractor from Golden Roofing will help you during service and installation. Get a free consultation and estimate from our team of roofers today! 

Residential Roofing Materials

One of the best parts about getting a new roof is the ability to customize it to fit the aesthetic of your home. Individual homeowners have many choices to match their budget and style. Depending on the style you choose, the required maintenance and estimated lifespan of your roof may vary.

Asphalt shingle roofing and wood shingle roofing is a popular choice in Shreveport. Asphalt shingles do a great job at providing years of protection at a low cost. They also come in many different colors to match your home’s style. Wood shingle roofing is more expensive than asphalt, but it has up to double the insulation. 

Metal roofs are another popular choice. They are fire-resistant and keep energy costs down by reflecting the sun. Metal roofs are low maintenance and long-lasting, but more expensive.

If you have any questions about what would be best for your home, contact us today. Our roofing contractors can discuss roofing products and answer any roofing project questions. 

Residential Roofing Maintenance Services in Shreveport

Adequate roof maintenance is important for maintaining the life of your roof. Regular inspections from our roofing contractors can help maintain your roof and see to it that any minor issues get fixed quickly to prevent costly future repairs, saving you money in the long run. 

That’s why Golden Roofing is proud to offer tailored Shreveport roof maintenance plans featuring our trademark attention to detail and customer dedication.

Our routine maintenance plans include:

  • Routine inspections for damage to roof or chimney
  • Inspections after major weather events
  • Cleaning the roof of any debris (leaves, sticks, etc.)
  • Clearing the roof’s drainage systems

Free Inspection and Estimate for Your Home’s Roof 

Above all, it is important to use a trustworthy and professional roofing company. You can be sure that we fit the bill here at Golden Roofing. We have been serving Shreveport and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. As a locally owned roofing company that provides quality service, our licensed and insured Shreveport roofing contractors specialize in safety. We do a quality job that will keep your house and your family safe for years to come.

For roof repair, replacement, or other services, don’t hesitate to call our team of Shreveport roofers at Golden Roofing, LLC or complete our online intake form.

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